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Why insure through Protect Your Bubble?

Protect your Bubble have developed a great value policy to suit all photographers, and their varied needs. Cameras and camera equipment can be used so often that you can sometimes forget how much you rely on it.

Cameras are an excellent way to capture unique moments wherever you go. If your camera was stolen, lost, or damaged, you would suddenly notice just how often you used it and it's true value to you.

Whatever type of camera you possess, and whether you use it every day or once a week, why take the risk of not having insurance in place for when something goes wrong?

For Amateur and Semi-Professional Photographers

  • Theft cover:
    If your camera is stolen it will be replaced.
  • Accidental and liquid damage cover:
    Repair costs if your camera is damaged as a result of an accident are covered.
  • Breakdown cover:
    With an extended warranty, if your camera develops an electrical or mechanical fault, after the manufacturer’s warranty expires we will pay any repair costs.
  • Loss cover:
    If you select the loss option, for an additional £1 per month, we will replace your camera should you lose it.
Please select your cover

Amateur cover is suitable if you do not earn an income from your photography. Some policies will cover business use where the photography is incidental (eg. an estate agent).

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Overseas cover:
Public liability cover: ?
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Professional cover is suitable if you earn an income from your photography or if your equipment is used for business purposes.

Equipment value: ?
Overseas cover:
Public liability cover: ?
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