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Camcorder Insurance Introduction

People love to capture digital films on their camcorders for pleasure or even work purposes.

However, when travelling, camcorders can be easily lost, stolen or damaged as they are very attractive to opportunist thieves, and as they are quite fragile, will damage and fracture quite easily.

Therefore it is essential that you take out a Camera Insurance policy to cover the loss or theft of your camcorder and any equipment incase of such an incident.

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Factors that can be included with camcorder insurance:

Remember to make it clear to any insurance company whether you intend to use the camcorder for personal or professional use. If you intend to earn any money from the film you produce, you should take out professional camcorder insurance.

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft
  • Extended Warranty
  • Overseas Cover
  • Third party liability (for professional use)
  • Additional camera equipment

When contacting your Camera Insurance provider, it is vital that you give them the correct information about your camcorder and any other equipment before it is insured. You will need to provide the company with the correct model name of the camcorder and notes should be made of any extra equipment i.e. (microphones, custom lenses) that you will also be travelling with and using.

If you fail to provide the correct information when taking out a policy, the Camera Insurance company may not be able to provide full cover on some losses.

According to recent investigations by the BBC, in some parts of the UK, muggings have risen by over 40%, which the police have blamed on the increased rise in popularity for portable, handheld objects such as cameras and camcorders.

How to avoid theft and accidental damage

It is often difficult to avoid having your possessions stolen as theft often occurs when you least expect it. There are, however, a few precautions you can take to avoid having your possessions snatched from you or stolen whilst travelling.

Firstly it would be a good idea to invest in a professional carrying bag for all you equipment, which preferably zips up so that its contents can be kept secure. Keep this bag in sight at all times and either on you or as close to you as possible. If you want to be extra careful when travelling, keep your bag with all your camcorder equipment on your front rather than carrying it on your back, where the bag is not as visible to you.

The golden rule with any camera equipment in cars is to always keep such equipment out of view, preferably locked away in the glove box or boot. Some insurance policies may give very specific instructions regarding the transport of camera equipment in cars, so read your policy wording carefully.

Tips to avoid accidental damage

To avoid having to claim on your Camera Insurance for accidental damage to your camcorder or equipment, there are also some precautionary steps to follow.

  • Firstly, as mentioned before, it is advisable when travelling to keep your camcorder and any other equipment in a securely zipped carry bag.

  • Your equipment will be better protected in a padded camcorder case than in any other bag where your gear might be more easily bumped or scratched. When using the camcorder itself, it would be a good idea to use the carrying straps, which are provided with most modern camcorders so that if you were to loose grip when in use, your much-loved camera should avoid taking any bumps or dents.

  • Take particular care when using your camcorder in windy conditions. Dust blown into the device can cause costly damage. Particular care should be taken when using camcorders on sandy beaches for this same reason.

  • Be really careful when you put your camcorder down. The very shape of the device makes them very prone to roll over and they can often fall off shelves and ledges.

  • If you take your camcorder to a theme park beware of the wet rides. If you get soaked your camera will get wet too. Always keep your camcorder in a waterproof plastic bag or carry case.

  • If you only use your camcorder on rare occasions be careful not to leave batteries in for too long. Damage caused by old leaking batteries can be very costly to fix, and most Camera Insurance policies will not provide cover for this.

  • Finally remember to photograph your camcorder and any other associated equipment. In the event of theft and a resultant claim, these will provide proof of ownership along with any invoices and receipts you can produce.

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