Camera Insurance - Why Pay More for Insurance

Camera Insurance Articles

Camera Insurance Guide

Were you aware that you can get specialist insurance for your valuable camera and photographic equipment?

Cameras and Home Insurance

It is commonly thought that your home insurance will cover damage or theft of items such as camera's and equipment. This is not always the case.

Using Your Camera Abroad

If you take your cameras and equipment abroad on holiday with you, there are risks involved. Read our basic guidelines to protecting your equipment whilst on holiday.

Camera Safety Tips

It pays to be careful and safe whilst using and storing your equipment. Afterall, the last thing you want is for your equipment to be stolen.

Film, Digital & SLR?

A Guide to the different types of cameras available to the modern photographer.

Consider Camera Insurance

Camera Insurance can be quite complex and cameras can be extremely costly items, so it is vital that you find the correct policy that meets your needs.

Digital Camera Insurance Guide

With so many digital camera models available in the market, choosing one to purchase can often become quite a difficult task.

Digital Camera Risks

Digital cameras are expensive items to buy and the following article should help you avoid some of the problems experienced by some camera owners.

Digital Photography Tips

The digital camera has completely changed the way we take photographs...

Digital Camera Modes

If most digital camera owners are honest, the only mode they use is the automatic one...

Camcorder Insurance Introduction

People love to capture film on their camcorders. When travelling, camcorders can be easily stolen or damaged as they very attractive to opportunist thieves...

Video Camcorder Guide

Before purchasing a video camera, you should become familiar with the different types of camcorders that are available in order to select the right one to suit your needs...

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