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It is commonly thought that your home insurance will cover every aspect of loss when it comes to common items such as cameras and equipment. This is not always the case.

Most home insurance policies will cover a certain amount of equipment whilst it is indoors, and will cover against such events as a fire, or a break in or theft from the home address. This is fine if your camera and equipment never leaves the house.

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Does your home insurance give you the cover you need?

Home insurance also does not always cover all types of damage, you may find for example that you are not covered for accidental damage, so if you were to drop your camera and damage it, you may not be able to claim for a replacement.

If you do take your cameras and equipment outside, your home insurance may cover this to a limited degree under the all risks section of your contents insurance. Again, there are normally restrictions on this part of home insurance cover. For example, your home insurance would not cover you to use your camera equipment for commercial or professional use, and may not cover you abroad or for hiring new equipment, and sometimes will not cover for accidental damage outside of the home address as well. There can also be territorial limits to your policy, so you may not be covered if you took the camera on holiday abroad, for example.

This is where specialist camera insurance comes in. If you use your equipment for any kind of professional or semi professional activities, then you can get full cover with specialist camera insurance, including such things as third party liability and unattended vehicle cover, often with worldwide cover options available too.

Even if you just use your camera for amateur use, camera equipment values can soon build up. Home insurance often has a single item limit, and a total value limit that they can insure outside of the home address. Specialist camera insurance can help to make sure that you are fully covered for all of your equipment, both for individual pieces such as those expensive lenses, and the overall total of your equipment.

Home insurance policies can also have a high excess, and this will normally be a general excess for any claim. camera insurance policies will often have lower or zero excesses, which is a great saving in itself. Remember as well that if you make a claim on your home insurance, you will lose any no claims bonus that you have built up, and whilst you may have claimed back the value of your equipment you will normally find that your home insurance policy premium skyrockets at renewal due to the claim.

Whatever you use your camera for, make sure that you get the full cover you need. camera insurance can give you excellent cover whether you are a professional photographer or just going on holiday. Policies can be tailor made to suit your requirements.

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